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Experienced Dividend Managers. Top-Performing Dividend Portfolios.

Founded in 2007, Brookmont Capital is an employee-owned registered investment advisor based in Dallas, Texas. 

Brookmont specializes in dividend equities and offers three distinct SMA portfolios through major brokerage companies, regional investment firms, and leading platforms. We also provide full portfolio management services for individuals, tax-exempt organizations, and corporate institutions. 

During the past ten years, Brookmont has been recognized as a top dividend-equity manager, and is currently ranked as the decade's #1 US Large-Cap Value Manager and #5 US Equity Manager (PSN/Informa, 02/16/2018).

We believe in several principles of portfolio management. 

It is a combination of art and science. Fundamental measurements and qualitative research have equal value. 

Top-down management leads to proper asset allocation and sector weights. 

We have conviction in the names we hold, and invest in a stock as if we own the company. 

Opportunities exist in all areas of the market. Attractive dividend-equities can be found in growth stocks, mid and small-caps, and around the world. 

Long-term investors outperform those who focus on short-term comparisons to a benchmark. 

As a registered investment advisor, Brookmont Capital has a fiduciary responsibility to act  in our clients' best interest and provide sound investment advice. Our firm avoids potential conflicts of interest and provides full transparency regarding management fees and trading costs.

Brookmont Named "Manager of the Decade"

PSN/Informa named Brookmont Capital as a "Manager of the Decade" in four separate categories. The recognition is for the Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy and includes performance from 2008 - 2017. Additional information, including criteria for the nomination, is available by request and from PSN/Informa. 

#1 US Large-Cap Value Manager

PSN/Informa ranked the Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy as the Top Performing US Large-Cap Value Manager during the past decade. The rankings includes 344 Large-Cap Value products. 

#3 US Large-Cap Manager

PSN/Informa ranked the Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy among the Top Large-Cap Value, Core, and Growth Managers

#5 US Equity Manager

PSN/Informa ranked the Brookmont DIvidend Equity Strategy as the #5 US Equity Manager during the past decade. The rankings include 892 firms and 3,000 products from every sector of the US market. 

About Brookmont Capital

Focused on Dividend Equities

Most asset managers focus on multiple areas of the markets. Brookmont specializes in dividend equities and offers three distinct Dividend Equity Strategies that provide current income, annual dividend growth, and the potential for long-term capital appreciation 

Custom Portfolio Management

Brookmont offers custom portfolio management services that include tailored asset allocations in individual equities and fixed income securities, year-end tax planning, and annual review of outside investments. 

Experienced Managers

Brookmont's Principals bring an average of 27 years experience in equity and fixed income management. Our Strategy Manager has focused on dividend-equities since 2000. 

Dividend Equity Strategies

Dividend Equity Strategy

A diversified portfolio that provides above-average current yield and is focused on long-term total return. The Strategy includes mid and large-cap companies with a blend of value, core, and growth stocks.

Core Dividend Strategy

A truly "core portfolio" that blends the current holdings in the Dividend Equity Strategy and Dividend Growth Strategy. The Strategy normally holds more than 40 individual securities and places an equal weighting on current income and dividend growth.

Dividend Growth Strategy

A dynamic portfolio that places more value on annual dividend growth than current yield. The Strategy is not restricted by a minimum yield requirement and allows the portfolio to hold stock in companies that are experiencing accelerated growth in revenue and earnings. 

Brookmont Capital Management

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